Simply Hits – Radio Connection Details

Important Information: The contains of this page contains sensitive, private and confidential information. Please do not share this information with anyone outside of the company, including staff. Those who require this information, will be granted access using their login information.

Anyone found leaking or sharing this information will be dealt with in the strictest manner and may result in losing your position at THNYK LTD.

Radio Connection Information;
The connection information is updated on the 20th of every month. You’ll need to check back regularly for any updates.
Last Updated: 20th February 2024.

Radio IP:
(you may need to use if you encounter any issues)

Radio Port: 8365
(you may need to use 8366 if you encounter any issues)

Radio Password: dj_firstname_lastname:482904820
(replace firstname_lastname with your first and last name with no capitals).

Radio Type: SHOUTcast Version 2

Name: Please use your First Name on your Broadcasting Software (do not include DJ or Presenter).

If you encounter any issues whilst connecting, please contact your Line Manager or the THNYK IT Team to resolve the issue. or click here.

Radio Jingles:

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